The Ontario Horizon-Dynix Users Group (OHDUG) met at the Northern District Branch (near Yonge-Eglinton) of the Toronto Public Library.
The news on Horizon 8 was that it was becoming more like a major migration to a new integrated library system rather than a straightforward upgrade, and it will likely be many years before all customers are switched over. The SirsiDynix sales team were in the hotseat, and our intrepid Systems Director, Linda Kearns, was there to make sure the seats stayed hot!
The SirsiDynix team, Mary-Beth Macdonald, Gilbert Mongeau, Steve Donoghue, and Tom Walker, answered questions from the group. Also present from SirsiDynix was Rob Hermann who gave a presentation on Rooms, a web portal content manager for the catalogue and other library search tools. The Rooms are subject areas and each Room has a search filter so that users can narrow searches to the parts of the library’s resources that are most relevant. Rooms began as a Sirsi product, and is now available to Horizon users after the Sirsi-Dynix merger.
David Harvie of the Stratford Public Library also gave a presentation on Web Reporter. Beware the rubber chicken! (You had to be there– it was quite funny).
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