Green Computing

Three Guelphites were at the head table at Session 307, Green Computing. I convened the session presented by Catherine Steeves (Associate Chief Librarian for Information Technology Services, University of Guelph) and Gillian Maurice (Sustainability Coordinator for the University of Guelph).
Dealing with e-waste and energy awareness (the phrase “energy conservation” has a negative connotation now– the focus is on awareness), Gillian Maurice and Catherine Steeves sit on a university committee that applies environmental best practices and also ends up saving money for the university. Other universities are getting into the act by developing responsible purchasing policies. One of the problems the committee deals with is what to do with old CRT monitors. These old monitors are filled with lead which is harmful to the environment, yet if they are reused they use up a lot of electricity. It turns out it’s generally better to save the electricity and have the e-waste properly processed.
Being a convenor I found to be straightforward, and I do like the energy that can be derived from being at the podium or on stage (despite the usual anxiety of public speaking beforehand). There is not much of a reward otherwise for being a convenor– my name is in the program, I get to wear a blue ribbon, and I have an extra chance to network with other librarians.
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