Ontario Library Association Superconference 2008

OLA 2008 Itinerary

Wed. Jan. 30

Implementing the Next-Generation Catalogue: Taking it from Talk to Action!

P002 Preconference –  9:30 am – 4:30 pm — ICH Ontario Room 

John Blyberg, Karen Coyle, David Fraser, Beth Jefferson

Stephen Heppell – founder of Ultralab

Session 100 – All Conference Opening Plenary Session – 8:00 pm — ICH Ballroom 

Thurs. Jan. 31

The Library and Learning Management Systems: Partnering from the Ground Up

*** CONVENOR ***

Session 320 – 9:05-10:20 am — Room MTCC #203A/B 

Rochelle Mazar, Instructional Technology Liaison Librarian, University of Toronto Mississauga

Joseph Janes – OCULA spotlight

Session 400 – 10:40-11:55 am — Room ICH Ballroom B 

Technology and Career Poster Session #6 – 1:30 — RDA and Library Cataloging

Ethan Zuckerman – founder of Geekcorps and co-founder of Global Voices On-line

500 All Conference Plenary Session – 2:20 pm — Room MTCC #105/106

The Democratization of Web 2.0 and Digital Narcissism

600 OPLA Spotlight – 3:45-5:00 pm — Room ICH Ballroom B 

Andrew Keen, author of The Cult of the Amateur

OLITA – Ontario Library and Information Technology Association, Annual Meeting

Session 703 – 5:15 pm — Room MTCC #104D 

OLITA – Library Technology Awards Reception

Session 803 – 6:00 pm — Room MTCC #104D

Fri. Feb. 1

Vincent Lam – winner of 2007 Giller Prize for Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures

Session 900 – All Conference Plenary Session – 8:00-8:45 am — Room MTCC #105/106 

Moving your Library to 2.0 and Beyond

Session 1020 – 9:05-10:20 am — Room MTCC #206CD 

Gail Richardson, Manager, On-Line Services; Beckie MacDonald, Children’s Specialist, Oakville Public Library; Amanda Etches-Johnson, McMaster University 

Carl Honoré – author of In Praise of Slow: How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed

Session 1100 – All Conference Plenary Session – 10:40 am

Academic Libraries Poster Session #7 – 1:15 pm — Trends and Effectiveness of On-line Public Catalogues 

245 $a Cataloguing /$b back to basics

Session 1201 – 2:10-3:25 pm — Room MTCC #202CD 

Beth Murray-Bannister, Waterloo Region District School Board; James Wagner, Lincoln Public Library; Brenda Maxwell, York University Law Library

FRBR: Who’s Using it and What Can I Expect Next?

*** CONVENOR ***

Session 1306 – 3:45-5:00 pm — ICH Ontario Room 

William Denton, Web Librarian, York University

Sat. Feb. 2

Irshad Manji

Session 1600 – All Conference Plenary Session – 8:00-8:45 am

RDA: The Inside Story

Session 1714 – 9:05-10:20 am — Room MTCC #206F 

Ingrid Parent, Library and Archives Canada; Marcia Salmon, York University Libraries; Pat Longo, Brock University Library

It’s All About Access: How Technical Services Puts Users First

Session 1811 – 10:40-11:55 am — Room MTCC #206F 

Raj Jain, University of Western Ontario

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