Wiborada: Patron Saint of Libraries

From A Universal History of the Destruction of Books, by Fernando Báez. (p. 105)
During the early years of the Middle Ages, a Spanish deacon from Zaragoza, a certain Vicente, stood up to a judge who intended to burn the books of his sect. After a useless struggle, he shouted: "The fire with which you threaten sacred letters will burn you in an act of justice!"
A similar story takes place in the monastery of Saint Gall, Switzerland, attacked in 926. Huns attempted to slaughter the monks and set fire to the monastery, which would have meant the end of thousands of carefully preserved works. The Swabian woman in charge of the library, Wiborada, had a vision. What she saw we don’t know, but the afternoon of the day before the attack, which began at dawn on May 1, she buried the books. According to the chronicle, the besieged overcame their attackers. However, the fire consumed the monastery and Wiborada’s library. Mutilated, she was lying on top of a mound of earth where the books were later discovered intact. Her act won her sainthood; she is the patron saint of all bibliophiles and the first woman formally canonized by the church.
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