Ontario Library Assocation Super Conference 2009

OLA 2009 Itinerary


Wednesday Jan. 28, 2009

8:00 p.m. Opening Plenary
“Placemaking around Civic Institutions”
Cynthia Nikitin
ICH Ballroom

Thursday Jan. 29, 2009

9:05-10:20 Session 312
 “A Cataloguer’s Journey on the Road to FRBR”
Thomas Brenndorfer, Guelph Public Library


10:40-11:55 Session 414
“Student Experience of E-books: How They are Found, Used and (Not) Read”
Peter H. Jones, Redesign Research; Warren Holder, Electronic Information Resources Co-ordinator, University of Toronto Library

2:10 All Conference Plenary
“Creative Communities”
Richard Florida

MTCC 105/106

3:45-5:00 Session 603
“The Chat Continues: The Changing Face Of Ontario’s Virtual Reference Service”
Virginia Roy, Project Manager, Ask-Ontario Library; Rebecca Blackburn, Virtual Librarian, Greater Sudbury Public Library; Michael Russell, Electronic Services Librarian, Georgina PL; Laura Master, Coordinator of Information, Kitchener PL


Friday Jan. 30, 2009

8:00 All Conference Plenary
“Creative Communities”
Dr. Michael Bloom, Vice-President, Organizational Effectiveness and Learning, The Conference Board of Canada

MTCC 105/106

9:05-10:20 Session 1017
“Evergreen Exposed: Hacking the Open Source Library System”
William Erickson, Vice President, Software Development & Integration, Equinox Software Inc.; Dan Scott, Systems Librarian, Laurentian University

ICH Caledon

10:40 All Conference Plenary
Michael Enright, Veteran Broadcaster and Journalist

MTCC 105/106

Visit Knowledge Ontario Booth (Booth # 813/815)

1:00-1:45 Poster Sessions
Community Development 2.0 [Lisa Gayhart and Kay Elgie, Region of Waterloo Library]
The Cataloguing of Electronic Books at an Academic Library [Shuzhen Zhao, University of Windsor Library]

2:10-3:25 Session 1217
“Open Source Integrated Library System – A Virtualized Solution”
Shann Leighton, CEO, Grand Valley PL; William VanKeuren, CEO, Hanover PL; Wilda Allen, CEO, Grey Highlands PL


3:45-5:00 Session 1328
“Mentoring is BLIS at Brampton Library – New Staff Training Initiatives”
Tanya Taylor, Human Resources Advisor; Adele Kostiak, CEO, Brampton PL


5:15 Session 1402
Ontario Library and Information Technology Association Annual General Meeting

MTCC 204

5:45 Session 1502
Ontario Library and Information Technology Association Award Presentation

MTCC 204

Saturday Jan. 31, 2009

8:00 All Conference Plenary
“The Lives of Writers”
Eleanor Wachtel, CBC Radio, Host of Writers & Company

ICH Ballroom

9:05-10:20 Session 1700
“Top Technology Trends – Balanced Libraries: Books, Bytes and Web 2.0”
Walt Crawford, Director and Managing Editor of the PALINET Leadership Network; Paul Takala, Manager, Electronic Services, Hamilton PL; Anita Brooks-Kirkland, Waterloo Region DSB

ICH Ballroom

10:40-11:55 Session 1810
“The Luminary Library Experience: Large Scale Digitization at TPL”
Johanna Wellheiser, Manager, Preservation & Digitization Services; Andrew Loft, Department Head, Preservation & Digitization Services, Toronto PL

ICH Niagara

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