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Apr. 6, 2009. The Confederation of University Faculty Associations has issued a press release on a survey that indicates that students are less prepared for university education than they were in 2005.
Growing problems cited with new first-year students include:
Lower level of maturity
Poor research skills as evidenced by an overreliance on Internet tools like Wikipedia as external research sources

Expectation of success without the requisite effort
Inability to learn independently
I think the survey is useful in that libraries can be shown to have a role in student preparedness and the life-long learning habits that ensue.

From the newspaper article (

"James Côté, a sociology professor at the University of Western Ontario, says the survey confirms a lot of recent research, and that the decline in student preparedness began years ago but has more recently accelerated."

In this posting from a blog that Côté maintains with Anton L. Allahar (, student engagement means commitment to the role of the student, which includes, among other things, adherence to the "2-hour rule" where two hours are spent on reading and studying for every one hour in class. That necessary engagement (and libraries play a role here) allows students to prepare themselves to be able to think critically and independently, and lay the foundation for life-long learning. The main concern faced by the survey is that engagement is being displaced by time-consuming distractions, appeasing failure rather than rewarding hard work, and a misguided understanding of the role of technology.

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