FRBR Poster Session

This year at OLA 2010 I delivered my FRBR presentation as a poster session. Once again I structured the topic loosely around the journey I took from the time when I first learned about FRBR and appreciated its value to learning about its inclusion at the core of the new cataloguing code, RDA (Resource Description and Access). I still fondly recall those breakthrough moments when I used the FRBR model to explicate the world of AACR2 and MARC while wrestling with MARC maps, AACR2 rule interpretations, and local library policies. FRBR to me has always been about bridging the past of cataloguing to the future, where new metadata procedures and the Semantic Web could open doors for better library catalogues and bibliographic control in general.

FRBR is like the story of the blind men and the elephant. Everyone sees a part and has an idea as to what it is. But seeing the whole picture is the challenge.
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