OLA 2012 Itinerary

Friday, February 3, 2012

9:05 am – Session 1011 – Visualizing RDA for Public Services

Tim Knight, Head of Technical Services, Osgoode Hall Law School Library York University; Trina Grover, Head of Cataloguing, Ryerson University

This RDA thing is just for cataloguers, right? Actually, public services staff need information about changes in the new cataloguing code because bibliographic records will look different and contain new content. Come and learn about changes from AACR2 to RDA and how they will affect you and your users! Learn how you can contribute to changes in cataloguing policies. Learn about the potential RDA holds for improving discovery and access.

2:10 pm – Session 1202 – Re-Thinking the OPAC: From Black Hole to Centre of the Universe

Jennifer Stirling, Manager of Digital Services, Ottawa PL; Micah May, Director of Strategy, New York PL; Michael Colford, Director of Resource Services and Information Technology Boston Public Library, Boston PL

Traditionally, the OPAC has been a “black hole” – that space where most of the library’s online activity takes place, but which has always been isolated from the rest of the library’s online user experience. They go in – and they never come out! This panel will explore the ways in which three large urban libraries have been working with BiblioCommons to re-position the library’s online catalogue as the central platform for unifying the online user experience.

3:45 pm – Session 1303 – Roll Your Own ePub

Diane Bédard, Program Manager, Knowledge Ontario; Walter Lewis, Information Architect, Knowledge Ontario

Almost any document can be created or converted as a shareable e-pub. Free and open-source tools are available. See these simple steps demonstrated and consider what you might want to release in e-pub format.

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