Displays at the Royal BC Museum

The Royal BC Museum in Victoria has fantastic dioramas and displays that immerse one in history and habitat.

A woolly mammoth– one of many displays in the Natural History gallery.mammoth

shoreline birds



outermosthouse The guide on my tour of the natural history gallery upon learning I was here for the Canadian Library Association Conference discussed her favourite book: The Outermost House, by Henry Beston and considered a classic of American nature literature.

The Modern History gallery also has many visually arresting displays:farm


Masks in the First Peoples gallery:WP_20140530_20_15_01_Pro

Ceremonial objects in Kwakiutl House– an actual house rebuilt inside the Royal BC Museum. The house originally stood in the Fort Rupert area and belonged to the late Chief Kwakwabalasami. Much of the house was carved by the chief’s son and grandson.WP_20140530_20_24_11_Pro

Some of the many totem poles in the Royal BC Museum:WP_20140530_20_20_52_Pro

The Royal BC Museum had a special exhibit on Vikings. In this shot one can see a Viking boat. Note also the BC Archives in the smaller building on the right:WP_20140528_13_42_12_Pro

A replica of a Viking monument with runes:WP_20140529_13_12_12_Pro

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